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Children are the torch –bearers of a brighter future for Africa. But, their education is under threat from the COVID -19 pandemic. Together, we can guarantee this bright future by ensuring that needy public primary schools have access to proper handwashing facilities.

Their future starts now!

Clean Hands For A Brighter Future

by Amref Health Africa

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We have been promoting health in far-flung primary schools for many decades…teaching children about proper hygiene, making sure the water they drink is safe, they have access to a clean toilet and that they learn in a safe classroom. After all, investing in the education of our children is a direct investment in the future of Africa.

And then covid-19 happened…

The right to education is still under serious threat. Schools in Kenya were closed for over nine months and many children suffered in silence at home. Now that children are back in school, proper hand washing with soap and running water is key in ensuring our children are safe in school. Sadly, some public primary schools in marginalized areas cannot afford to install the recommended hand washing stations to cater for the students need. Join us on this journey as we change the narrative.

Your donation can make this possible, this is how

  • Ksh. 2,000/ USD. 18

Will purchase soap for the handwashing stations.

  • Kshs. 5,000/ USD. 45

Will facilitate handwashing training in the school health clubs.

  • Kshs.250, 000/ USD.2,273

Will ensure installation of one complete 20 tap handwashing station to serve one school.


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